We provide existing, thriving businesses with the the support they need to get to the next level of growth.

​Together, we translate our advice into practical outcomes and positive results. Our team of Directors work in close harmony with businesses of every sector and size to identify opportunities for growth, improvement and increased profitability.

100% fully funded Executive Development Programme (EDP) for businesses across Greater Manchester. 


On behalf of the GC Growth Hub we deliver the EDP across all types and size of business across Greater Manchester.  The EDP is fully funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to provide between 12 and 18 hours of business growth services that focuses on evolving leadership, management knowledge, skills and capabilities of business leaders, executive teams and senior managers, to enable them to confidently drive and achieve their business growth potential. 

Perhaps you:

  • Want to develop the senior team around you?

  • Improve methods of generating more business?

  • Want to improve planning ability?

  • Strengthen leadership and processes to make growth possible?


The overall objective of the programme is to increase revenue, create new jobs and/or safeguard existing jobs, create new products or implement process improvements. The programme is based on the needs of the individual executive/senior team and is structured as required to meet the growth objectives of the business. The support is delivered through 12-18 hours of face-to-face support.

Our team of experienced professionals are able to offer a full suite of services, which will be tailored to meet your particular needs. These include, (but are not limited to): 

  • Sustainable Business Planning

  • Performance & People Management

  • Leadership & Management Development

  • Team Building

  • Sales/Marketing Strategy

  • Customer Service Training

  • Efficiency Analysis/Process Development (Operations & Tactics)

  • Leading Change

  • 1:1 and 1:Group - company Coaching & Mentoring Support  


Eligibility Criteria

Aimed at SME businesses with a commitment to growth and who have the capacity to create jobs and increase turnover/sales. All interested businesses must meet the ERDF eligibility criteria:


  • Employ more than 10 full-time equivalent employees (FTE)

  • Based in Greater Manchester

  • Turnover less than €50m and balance sheet less than €43m

  • Eligible sector - Business to Business (B2B), excludes business-to-consumer, sector restrictions – e.g. financial services, coal industry, fisheries, education.

  • Less than 25% externally owned

  • Less than €200k state aid in a rolling 3 year period

  • Have the potential to create at least one job creation within 6 months.

EDP Success over the past 3 years (in Greater Manchester)

  • 794 businesses supported.

  • 1110 senior leaders developed.

  • 555 jobs created.

  • £33,000,000m Sales uplift.

Business Growth Packages 

To ensure we provide the best bespoke Business Growth packages for our clients we offer an integrated set of consultancy solutions to deliver a business growth package that is cashflow positive. Packages are tailored from our core services:

  • Strategy Development

  • Organisational Review

  • People Development

  • Organisational and Culture Analysis

  • Product Strategy

  • Operational and tactical process review/analysis

  • Sales Strategy

  • Marketing Strategy and Execution for Qualified Lead Generation.

  • Social Media Management

  • Leadership & Management training


Project Funding Options

  • Self-funded - existing profits of available monies.

  • Self-funded with grant - apply for grant funding to reduce project cost.

  • Project finance with grant supplement - to achieve a positive cash flow project.

Dragonfly Directors have scoped a number of Government backed grants & alternative finance options that will ensure the customer maintains positive cash flow throughout the Business Growth project.

Government backed grants can cover at least 25% of project costs (grants are subject to availability).

Grant & Financing Process

Check eligibility - you are eligible for grant funding if: 

  • You are a SME with less than 250 employees.

  • Your annual turnover is less than £44 million.

  • Your business has not received more than £175,000 of state aid in the last 3 years.

  • Your business is not more than 25% owned by another company.

  • The majority of your revenue is generated from businesses.

Application process:

  • Grant eligibility is confirmed.

  • Applicant completes application form with help and support from Dragonfly Directors.

  • Applicant receives support and guidance throughout the whole process.

  • Quotes sourced if required.

  • Application is reviewed by authority panel. Please allow 2-3 weeks from submission date for notification about funding.

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